Friday, August 28, 2015

Shin Legion Test Paint And Other Stuff...

I am working on a canon unit called the Shin Legion. A Liao unit who in the 3060s went over to Kurita over some base betrayal. Their colors are a deep green trimmed with yellow, and they have a really neat unit insignia:

So I ordered some decals for them from Fighting Pirannha. In the meantime I am working on the paint scheme and model selection, and since it's going to be a Capellan/Draconis unit, I wanted to have a healthy mix of those two state's iconic units--Vindicators and Panthers! I am a big proponent of doubles and triples in Alpha Strike/BattleTech units. I think any normal military unit would field as many duplicate 'Mechs as possible to facilitate repair, spare parts, and logistics.

So I intend to have at least three Vindicators and two Panthers as the backbone of this 12 'Mech Shin Legion company. I will also include a 70-ton Cataphract as part of the unit's main muscle. It's a distinctly Capellan 'Mech and I love the revised plastic model. I also used it as the first test paint model for the unit.

Here it is pictured with some Angel Barracks 6mm sci-fi characters:

I used a Russian Green Surface Primer from Vallejo, and then built up from there. All this 'Mech needs are its numbers and decals, and it's ready for battle! I may also include some weathering too.

With its emphasis on 45-ton Vindicators and 35-ton Panthers, my Shin Legion company is going to be on the lighter side, but very maneuverable with all of the jump capability. I am debating whether or not to include a 90-ton Cyclops as a command 'Mech, or just make this Cataphract the centerpiece and build in lighter units around it.

This unit planning stage really makes Alpha Strike fun for me; I love the thinking and storytelling that goes into a force's creation. I'll be sure to share more as I go along!

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  1. I like the look of that Cat! That's the way 'Mech schemes for the field should look in my opinion. Dark with maybe a flash of color, and even that's subdued..

  2. Thanks! More to come! I think the Cyclops looks pretty good, too!