Thursday, August 13, 2015

Musings On The Campaign Storyline...

My Cicada, Sky's awesome Coolant Truck! 
 I'm off to do Wilderness EMT training this weekend, so no campaign games for me! I've been talking with Sky about our recent epic throwdown for the DropShip. I was lucky. He failed just enough rolls, and I made just enough rolls, to cause him some real financial pain in terms of his company's ability to recover from the battle.

Losing his Jaegermech was big. Having to repair and rearm most of his unit is big. So what would a merc unit like Wagner's Legion do? Go rogue. That's what we decided. They're going to break with their Kurita employers, do a murderous raid on Mining Hab 101, then flee the region with whatever booty they can haul.

In effect, they'll become Periphery pirates. Sky and I will fight one last battle, but I will run an under-strength lance of local 'Mechs maintained by the ragtag miners of Hab 101. Sky will attack in force with his weakened mercs, and we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, Dave needs to recover from his disastrous throwdown with Stu's Kurita (battle rep, gentlemen?), and then the 5th Dneiper Explorer Corps needs to stage some kind of climactic battle with Kurita to close down this first story arc of the campaign.

So lots to think about!


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