Monday, September 14, 2015

Vindicator VND-5L Conversion

Did a conversion for my Shin Legion, a Vindicator VND-5L! A nice ENE unit!

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Campaign Phase II: The Neural Web

After securing valuable lostech for reclusive multi-billionaire Shango Agathi, the 5th Dneiper Explorer Corps steps back, and Agathi sets up a secret research facility on Port Krin, a lawless world in the deep Periphery. While Agathi believes he's paid off enough of the planet's ne'er-do-wells to keep his facility safe, he's wrong!

Several independent groups have been hired to crack the facility and seize the precious research on a new neural interface that will transform the control of BattleMechs and AeroSpace fighters.

Also, House Kurita has dispatched elements of the Shin Legion on a search and seizure mission to Port Krin for just this same reason!

The stage is set, but the full list of players remains hazy. Who will end up possessing this invaluable lostech and the technological wonders born from it?

Time, and battles, will tell.