Monday, August 10, 2015

AAR: Battle On Lycos II, Part 2: Re-Taking The DropShip!

Outworlds Alliance
Sunday, 8 / 2 / 3071
Lycos II, Second Moon of Risin
1130 Hours Standard

As the 5th Dneiper Explorer Corps' Striker Lance and Infantry Detachment made off with what they believed to be a key piece of lostech, the rest of their Company battled to re-take the unit's DropShip! 

Wagner's Legion, previously misidentified as the 4th Arkab Legion, seized the EC DropShip New Horizon in a bold move to cut the unit off and strand them on Lycos II. Captain Charlie Bloodhawk moved the bulk of the EC's 1st Co. back into position for a counter-assault to quickly retake the priceless craft. 

Above, Wagner's spy-drone images (time roughly 0530 standard) of the 5th Explorer Corps' 1st Co. before they split to tackle the mission to recover the lostech. In the background, the EC's DropShip, the New Horizon, to the right, Lycos II's abandoned A. Wilson Arcology, and to the left, the Grinholt Woods and Mining Hab 101. 

Above, the scene from a different angle. Shortly after this pic was transmitted, Wagner's drone was shot from the sky! 

Above, the resourceful Mercs of Wagner's Legion stress combined arms warfare--here we see a 60 ton Dragon and anti-Mech Infantry advancing beneath the massive New Horizon's shadow. 

Above, Wagner's daring Clint and Spider pilots take position atop the New Horizon's hull!

Above, Mousa's Jaegermech and his comrade in a Panther boldly step forward to pour fire into the advancing EC 'Mechs! 

Wagner's deadly AeroSpace support would prove pivotal in the coming battle--pinpoint bombing runs would have the EC running scared! 

Above, initially the EC sought cover in the woods, but then realized they had to spread out or suffer the horror of aerial bomb runs! 

Advancing into the withering fire of the well-placed Wagner's Legion, the EC tried to return the favor with some concentrated fire of their own! They spread out, with Yandorak's Quickdraw holding the far right flank, and Charon Crawford's Cicada rushing to claim the left flank and Mining Hab 101. 

When it came, the AeroSpace attack run left a trio of EC 'Mechs heavily damaged! 

Mysterious EC MechWarrior Kgosi Z. returns fire against the streaking Rievers of Wagner's AeroSpace lance! The devastating firepower of his HBK-5P Hunchback's massed medium lasers strikes home, seriously damaging the fighter's fire control and nearly knocking it from the sky! 

Salazar (Dervish) and Wilson (Trebuchet) trade fire with Mousa in his Jaegermech! Mousa's true feud lay with Kwint Savak in the EC's other Dervish, and it was only fitting when Savak (a Blood Stalker) dealt the final shots that exploded Mousa's heavy 'Mech! 

When Mousa's Jaegermech went down, and Rievers took heavy damage, Wagner's crew pulled back and quit the field. Mousa escaped, and the 5th Explorer Corps claimed the remains of his 'Mech for salvage. The spoils of war! Now the 5th EC and their allies in the Vistual Legion possess a clear means to escape Lycos II with their lostech booty. 

House Kurita, General Nagumo, and their Merc allies will not rest, or let this defeat sway them from their desire to claim the treasures Shango Agathi and his intrepid warriors seek!