Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dragon's Honor: A Showdown of Sorts

As the mercenary Wagner's Legion and Vistula Legion melted away due to terrible battle losses and treachery, only the forces of Kurita and the 5th Dneiper Explorer Corps remained to contest ownership of the lostech cache on Lycos II. It was time to settle scores.

As each commander jockeyed for position, the two command lances of each main company found themselves in direct conflict. The battle was joined in earnest!

A pair of 5th EC Quickdraw QKD-Cs take cover.
Each force (about 160 pts. per side) quickly sought cover as they advanced. For Kurita, General Nagumo's orders were clear--death or dishonor.

Kurita Grand Dragon & Guillotine advance past deserted vehicle repair domes.

Charlie Blookhawk and his heavily damaged Victor VTR-C draw down on a Kurita 'Mech!

Kurita forces used their superior speed to seize the right flank!

In the foreground, a Centurion takes aim! 
Mysterious MW Kgosi Z. seeks cover, his Swayback HBK-5P laying down a blistering laser barrage!
Combined fire from Kgosi's Swayback and Riggs' Quickdraw bring the Grand Dragon down! 

As the battle ranged, the Kurita forces drew the EC into a high-stakes, all or nothing game of total destruction! [Stu claimed Kurita honor to forgo the Forced Withdrawal rules, and I agreed this was super-cool, so despite some lucky shots on my part that left his reinforced lance hurting, we played on!]

Drunk, crazed, or both, Yandorak and his QKD-C jump into deadly close quarters!

Gallant Kurita Guillotine fights to the last! Honor was served! 
In the end, the Kurita forces lost, but they upheld their honor to the last. While the EC won, they paid a terrible price, with Kgosi Z. and Gord Riggs injured, and Z.'s Swayback HBK-5P a total loss! They did salvage Riggs' Quickdraw and the Kurita Catapult and Guillotine, so Kgosi Z. will not join the ranks of the dispossessed!

Will Nagumo first seek vengeance against Wagner's Legion (the mercs who deserted him)? or will he again try for the lostech cache, this time back on the EC's home planet of Dneiper?

While this chapter of the campaign draws to a close, the larger story remains unfinished!

Thanks to Stu for a great game!



  1. Nice cinematic finish to the campaign arc, can't wait to see what comes next!